Top 5 Kickstarter Games for March

The first Friday of every month Mana Pool will release its top 5 Kick starter Games. The only criteria is it must look great and it has atleast 7 days left in the campaign so that people have time to kick start it. So lets get this started.

1. Captain’s Gambit: Kings of Infinite Space

Captain’s Gambit is an amazing Shakespeare inspired Coup like game. Players are handed out random Shakespeare inspired characters with their own special abilities and unique victory conditions. Some like Romeo and Juliet have to win together. Others like Richard the third have to kill everyone else in the game before the 12 round timer is up. All the while you will be bluffing your character, trying to eliminate others through the coup like mechanic of calling people’s bluff, and trying to get closer to your individual goal. All in all it is a fast 4-8 player game that you can play multiple times in one night and never be bored due to the uniqueness of each character you get and how they all interact with each other on the table.

2. The Gorgon’s Loch – Defeat the Gorgon Queen!

I feel that the opening video didn’t quite do this game justice. After reading through the description it looks pretty cool. A coop dungeon crawler with easy rules so you can throw it down on the table and play quickly. It looks similar to when I was a kid playing Hero Quest. Each dungeon has a win condition that must be fulfilled to open up the next dungeon map. Playing as one of five per-generated characters, you use action points to GIVE, TAKE, USE, FIGHT, SEARCH and MOVE your way through the dungeons of the Gorgon’s Loch. Discovering treasure and health potions, upgrading weapons and armour, collecting magic scrolls, avoiding traps and dark enchantments and battling the Gorgon Queen’s forces with melee and ranged weapons, you will work together to find missing items and complete puzzles. It looks like a pretty well thought out game with some cool mechanics. It is currently only 12% funded and I wish it luck because I would like to see this game made.

3. ⚔️ Gladius – An Award-Winning Board Game for 2-5 Players

This game reminds me of a game I fell in love with but couldn’t find anywhere until I bought a Spanish copy off Amazon by accident. That game was Colossal Arena. So I am glad that there is a similar game out there about to be made. In Gladius you play as a Roman spectator who is trying to bet n the gladiatorial fights. You play tactics to try to help or hinder the teams to make the most money by the end of three rounds. It is a fun quick concept that allows for huge flexibility while playing and a lot of arguing.

4.MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game”

This game is very much like Scotland Yard, which I actually don’t love. But I don’t love it because it is very basic. This game adds a whoel lot to the concept. For people who don’t know Scotland Yard, it is a game where a team of people move around a board trying to find a hidden player through clues left behind. I actually really like the concept because either you are having fun fooling everyone or working together as a team to try to find it. Lots of fun and interesting conversations come up and it is a blast. This game adds special abilities for the detectives, and special units and powers for the deceiver. This make sit a whole lot more fun as its not simply just moving around the board, it is plotting abilities and effects. Overall a great reworking of a classic concept.

5. Trust Me, I’m a Doctor – A Game of Medical Malpractice

I am breaking one of my rules because this only has 6 days left. However, I have my masters in medical history and love this concept. The art is great and it looks like fun. While not the most complicated game, this one is more of a role playing game. A patient has an ailment with possible conditions to cure and you have to sell your cure better than others. If you don’t like games that have lots of role-playing and on the spot arguing skip this one. If you want to shout at each other about charlatanism and make up reasons why you found the cure click that kickstart button quickly!

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