The Beginning of Our Book Club!

Hello All,

Jonathan and Bradley at Mana Pool will be hosting our first historical society and book club!

A lot of what we love, as in Science Fiction and Fantasy or most fiction, has roots in history.  As history buffs ourselves we think it’s a critical area of study.

On Nov. 1st/2018 we will be discussing David Starkey’s Magna Carta: The Medieval Roots of Modern Politics.  We will bediscussin the Magna Carta and its enormous impact.  It’s  roots in medieval English society, and how Feudal bickerings turned into the modern foundation of law in many Western democracies.  Let’s go back to the 13th century and discuss it all together!

Some typical points of conversation:

The Magna Carta: revolutionary tract or reactionary treatise?

The barons, in the right or wrong? treasonous? brave patriots?

The Magna Carta and its importance to modern life in consideration of its original goal.

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