Tapestry of Life

Another year and another game. Tapestry came to Mana Pool back in November. It took us some time to properly take this game apart and analyze every bit of it. This is another Stonemaier hit, the makers of Scythe, Viticulture and Wingspan. I am most partial of Viticulture out of the past Stonemaiers but I have to say Tapestry is pretty close into the running.

This game has just about everything a straight out Euro has. You move cubes around a board collecting resources and points. You try to come up with a strategy and overall tactics through 4 distinct tech trees that all affect you board or the centre map. In all of this you should pay attention to your opponents so as to move in proportion to their own moves. In this way it is more like a game of Go than a game of Chess. It is in the end about the points you collect, so it is perfectly doable to play solo. You could also just totally focus on your own board completely ignore your opponents and try to maximize your own game in a totally anti-social way, your choice really. There are a whole world of options with Tapestry.

I like this game, I really do, but there is a lot to take in with Tapestry. It needs a couple of play throughs, to work out the initial choppiness of trying to figure out what to do. It is thus not an easy learn, but once you get it, you’ll run through the motions and find it quite elegant. I played this game for the first time with Geoff, who we refer to as Jeff with a G, to distinguish him from our other gaming buddy Jeff. I had to get up and work during gameplay, quite often, to what I am sure was Geoff’s annoyance, his patience was remarkable considering. He guided me through the game and I was instantly hooked. I have since played numerous times, even with normal Jeff. I have tried numerous trees, tech, military, science, exploration and they all offer a unique play through. Try it out at Mana Pool, it’s a great way to kill some time during the winter, or any other season for that matter.

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