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Attention! Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, our menu will be limited, and available for only takeout until further notice.  The menu may change and maybe subject to supply chain issues, thank you for your continued patience. Please stay safe and stay socially distant from staff, for safety and health reasons.


The Fighter Sandwich – This chicken and avocado club with bacon, is a popular one and will leave you ready to fight off hordes of whatever vile enemies you have spent your life preparing for. $11.00

Lumberjack Sandwich – The Lumberjack is perfect for farming resources and all those hardworking types that are really Canadian, it’s a peameal bacon sandwich with lettuce tomato, mayo and sweet mustard. $11.00

The Illusionist – This sausage was created by the skilled illusionists at Beyond Meat, that use their magic to let you enjoy the taste of meat without all the ethical quandary.  Let us know what other toppings you would like. $8.00

Fan Favourite – The Fan Favourite is a grilled cheese that is loaded with cheese and browned with real butter, it’s simple and as real as it gets. $7.00  Add bacon for $3.00 extra.

Pilgrim Sandwich – The pilgrims to various holy sites, are said to enjoy turkey.  This is a turkey dinner rolled into a sandwich, turkey, melted brie, and cranberry sauce all in a buttery croissant. $11.00

Porkicide Sandwich – This is a pure pork massacre, pulled pork topped onto a bun that will make you ready to carve your way through zombie hordes. $11.00

UPGRADE: Add Fries to your sandwich for $3.00, and a can of pop for $1.00, ask about other drinks for a discount

Full dishes:

Royal Ratatouille – Our House-made ratatouille is royal, because it is made with extreme care that could be served to royalty.  It’s vegan and is served with buttery garlic bread that can be made vegan as well.  $11.00

Power Up Bowl – This Quinoa bowl is loaded with a vegetable succotash, and edamame with slices of avocado.  It is chalk full of protein, healthy fats and carbs.  A diet high in vegetables, protein and healthy fats is said to increase your power bar. $11.00

Bandito Chili – This chipotle chili is a favourite of bandits, with a smoky and tough demeanour.  You can enjoy it as well. $13.00

UPGRADE: Add Fries to your meals for $3.00, and a can of pop for $1.00, ask about other drinks for a discount


Chicken Caesar – Our Caesar is all housemade, from dressing to croissant croutons, this popular salad is topped with sliced grilled chicken. $14.00

Olympus Salad – The Olympus salad is a large salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumber and feta, topped with a herbed vinaigrette, Zeus himself approves.

House Salad – This salad is made with a balsamic dressing and topped with lettuce and tomato $7.00 


Large plate of Fries – $6.00

Poutine – Our poutine is made with all beef gravy and Quebec cheese curds $10.00


Biramisu – A Mana Pool classic – this traditional tiramisu is made with a tiny amount of High Park Brewery’s Blueberry Stout, for a very local variation.

Mana Cookies – These in-house-made almond cookies resemble traditional Italian cookies, but are made with Xylitol sweetener for non-sugar alternative, that is even Keto friendly. 


Mana Pool is now offering Dinner for Two deals,

Two chicken parms with large fries and two sodas, $35
Two large lasagna slices with two small caesars for $35

We also have both in single format for $20.

Send us a message on Facebook or email and order ahead!