Kitchen Table Modern Tezzeret Forever!

The Deck:

Creatures: 10

Myr Moonvessel x 4

Leaden Myr x 3

Silver Myr x 3

Planeswalkers: 4

Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge x 4

Tezzeret the Seeker x 4

Spells: 6

Pact of Negation x 2

Nexus of Fate x 2

Artifacts: 20

Howling Mine x 4

Kaleidostone x 4

Prophetic Prism x 4

Time Sieve x 4

Temple Bell x 4

Lands: 20

Darksteel Citadel x 4

Drowned Catacomb x 4

Island x 2

Polluted Delta x 4

Swamp x 2

Watery Grave x 4

The idea behind the deck is based off an old deck I built years ago, but the new Tezzeret makes it so much more fun.  Being able to return cards from the graveyard adds a lot of value to Time Sieve. The howling mines and temple bells keep your hand refreshed, and can be sacrificed to time sieve in case you are running low on cards.  Also the Nexus of fate leaves you the ability to take infinite turns once you get close to the end of your deck so you never deck yourself, while you use your Tezzerets to kill the opponent.

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