Events at Mana Pool

Every week at Mana Pool we run many events. Every week we want to share those events with you all. So every week we want to share what has happened at our events. But first, lets fill you in on exactly what our weekly events are this week.

First lets start with Thursday. If you have looked our website in the past the picture above will look familiar. It is our rainbow owlbear to represent painting and miniatures night. But there is more to this event than just that picture. This event is about sharing tip, tricks, and ideas for you minis. This has been especially helpful for me with Warhammer. I am just getting into Warhammer and this night has been essential for learning how to paint, put together and play Warhammer. Since we not only paint, we also play on this night too. Everything from SAGA to Warhammer gets played on Thursday nights, it is a great place ot learn about new mini games and get started into the hobby as well as just have fun with the hobby you love.

On Friday we have our Draft and Draught. This is a new event we added to our list. The premise is simple for $15 you get three packs of the most current set of Magic the Gathering and a beer. This is meant to be a for fun casual tournament with a small prize pool. It is a great way to get into the game or back into the game. You get your packs go into a draft and build your deck from the pool of cards you got.

Sunday has two events. The first is our D&D event. It starts at 1 and is open to anyone. Our DMs are awesome and flexible and can work in people who want a committed group, or people who just want to drop in for a session every once in a while. You just need to bring yourself, a character sheet and some dice and you are good to play. Be emersed in great worlds, with gripping story and combat.

The second event happens in the evening. It is our Magic the Gathering Commander Night. Commander is a special singleton format that is more for the casual player. It is a multiplayer format with longer length games that allows you to sit back chat and have fun.

Along side these weekly staples we also host a monthly warhammer tournaments, biweekly boardgame club on Tuesdays and other events. Keep checking up on our website to see what we have to offer and what you would like to come to!

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