Games in the time of COVID-19

Hello Friends!

                I hope this time finds you well.  I know we are all in different positions at the moment.  Some of us locked down, trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and others essential to our lives and economy that must brave the world outside their home.  On a lighter note, I want to spread the word on the benefits of tabletop games.  You can play them online or with your immediate family, it’s a great way to bond socially and exercise your mind in a time where it is a little more difficult to do so.

                Tabletop games are a great way to bond and a have a leisure activity outside one’s phone (although you could play through your phone).  It improves logic, critical thinking, resourcefulness,  problem-solving skills, and creativity.  There is even an article from Scholastic on the benefits of tabletop games for kids.:

                So let’s not forget to find time for some good old fashioned fun!  We’ve been keeping the tradition alive in my house.  Nightly play throughs of Machi Koro and Mice and Mystics are the norm here.  But there are thousands and thousands of options.  If you are having trouble finding people to game with, leave a message with Mana Pool, Brad and/or I will join, or we can maybe find some other individuals to join.  Stay safe! And stay in touch!


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