Dungeons and Daggers


It was just announced that the daggers are coming out and Dungeons and Dragons will be joining other competitive esports by having a tournament of its own.  Hasbro is looking to get in on the esports world by bringing the traditionally tabletop oriented D&D in line with competitive play.  Although it D&D has had a competitive play ability since the early Gygax days, this is definitely a new frontier in it is online and potentially lucrative.  There is a grand prize of $5000 and 4 weeks of play between 16 players in teams of 4.  A best of 3 arena style battle would see players fight it out on Twitch on Nov. 10th, Nov. 17th, Nov 24th, and Dec. 1st.  With shows like Critical Role and other youtube channels the D&D craze seems to have no end.  Check out dndsports.tv for more.

What do you guys think?  Competitive play is a great addition to D&D or it will be a total flop?  Does this bring D&D in line with the 21st Century?


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