Commander Legends – A New Frontier

With the impending release of Commander Legends in less than a month it is time to talk about some of the cards.  In this article I will talk about my 5 favourite new cards that have been spoiled as of November 3rd that will be released.  This means I wont be focusing on reprints of older cards.  I will also be focusing on cards that I find fun and creative.  So the new lotus wont be on here because while extremely good, it is just quick mana and thus not that exciting.  I would prefer to focus on the fun cards you will want to cast with that mana.


5. Wheel of Misfortune



A bit of a confusing card when read, it actually reminds me of a very old style card with a block of text that you have to reread 2 or 3 times to fully understand it.  Nonetheless, I like these betting cards.  I like the social interaction they create and the discussion that comes from them, to me that is the heart of a commander game.  I also like that it is only 3 mana to draw 7 cards.  Say a high enough number and you are assured 7 cards.  A great addition to a red deck. 

4. Wrong Turn


This card reminds me of reigns of power which I put in many control decks for its combat trick ability, as well as if they have an Ulamog that I want.  There was many a time I was being attacked all out only to steal someone elses board and block and kill almost everything.  While this card can’t do that it has its own advantages.  The main being that it is permanent instead of until end of turn.  This means that you can still remove a creature out of combat, but you can also politic with it and reward people for being friendly with you by giving them a good creature an opponent controls.  This is also an auto include in a Zedru deck where you are activly giving away your permanents.


3. Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty


This card is fun for me because I have always loved cascade.  In these colours her high mana cost is not such a big disadvantage due to the amount of mana ramp there is in green.  It also will make for a lot of fun random spells being cast.  You could even build a comby take extra turns deck out of this easily too.


2.Yurlok of Scorch Thrash

This commander is one I am looking forward to.  While this card may be hard to build around because there isnt a ton of cards that work with it, there is still enough.  Cards like Mana Barbs and War’s Toll are of course great for this deck, but also cards that double everyone’s mana would be put to good use here.  Also with ample ability to tutor out your pieces, this deck could be consistent enough.  Along with other ways to punish people like Underworld Dreams and Ankh of Mishra. 

1. Blim, Comedic Genius


So one of my favourite decks to play is Zedru.  One of the bigges tproblems with Zedru is that he doesn’t have black in his mana symbols.  In comes Blim to solve that problem.  Donating cards like Demonic Pact, Lich’s Mastery, and Teacherous Blessing are just great value for this commander.  along with all the black tutors, boardwipes and removal this commander will probably put Zedru to shame.

written by Bradley Libralesso

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