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Who is Mana Pool?

Brothers Bradley and Jonathan have been working towards building a community space for sometime.  Mana Pool is that place.  A place where people can come and relax, socialize, restore themselves and most importantly play some games with great food and drink.  Once the plan was realized Bradley and Jonathan sought a spot, and they found the perfect location near High Park at 2100 Bloor St. W.  Near public transit and in a highly walkable area it met all the conditions that would make the type of establishment that could both bring old and new friends together.  Coming out to Mana Pool isn’t just about restoring yourself with some games, food and drink, it’s also a chance to meet us and we hope can provide you with a great experience. We look forward to meeting you!

Our food is all homemade, both Bradley and Jonathan being trained in culinary school and kitchens.  Our drinks are all of high quality and have to meet our standards to be served.  We work with many local producers and businesses to not only provide you with top quality but to strengthen connections within our community in Toronto.

Why Mana?  Mana is originally a Polynesian word , and is still in regular usage among Polynesian cultures, loosely meaning magic.  It can also mean energy, power or charisma.  It was absorbed into the fantasy world lexicon through literature and gaming, most notably through Magic: The Gathering.  For us Mana is energy and the pool is where you go to fill up on it.  Come and fill up your Mana Bar.