Top 5 Games on Kickstarter

Top 5 Games on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become a treasure trove of boardgames in the past few years. Both indie developers and established game creators have used Kickstarter to fund their games. This has created a long list of games to sift through. Luckily for you, we here at Mana Pool have created our list of games for you to check out on Kickstarter.

5. Kromaster Blast: A 2-4 player tactical skirmish game!

Kromaster makes the list mostly on its aesthetics. The art is fantastic and quite cute. It plays like many other tactical combat games. Move your piece around, engage in combat, cast spells and play special cards. But the actual game board is tight and small and with art that is reminiscent of a super Smash Bros game. It looks like a super fun and cute 30 minute game that you can pick up and play anytime of the day.

4. Kluster: A Highly Volatile Magnetic Minefield Game

In terms of portability and ease this is probably the best game I have ever seen.  A bag, some rope and a handful of stones is all you need. The game revolves around the magnetic stones. The first person to play all their stones wins.
However if your stones attach to the other stones on the field you have to pick them all up. Its $20 base price makes it quite affordable, and the fact that you can bring it and play it easily on a plane, train or any mode of transportation makes this a must have.

3. Card Assassins

This is another game that makes this list due to its uniqueness. This party game revolves around not actually playing it. Each person in the room is given an identity, a person to kill and a secret kill word. If throughout the night you can get your target to say the kill word they are out of the game. You then get their kill word and target and move on to assassinate them.
This game makes the list because you can do it literally while doing anything else. Playing other games and want to spruce it up? Add Card Assassins. At a boring party? Add card assassins. At work? Well you get the point. Make any day better by trying to assassinate your friends, family and even coworkers.

2. Brexit: The Board Game of Second Chances

When I first saw this game I thought it was going to be crappy, just riding on the tidal wave of a recent political event. But then I watched the videos and read the rules and it is actual quite complex. You have to play fact cards about the referendum from your hand in order to fulfill a headline in the newspapers and this will allow you to gain influence for you side in the debate.
The actual inclusions of facts and debate in this game along with a map of Britain as the board to place your influence on actually makes this quite unique and more like a tactical fun party game. The game actually looks quite promising and fun for any political debaters.

1. Grind House

Grind House is a narrative horror game where you struggle for survival in a horror house. Each players get their own character with backstory and secret motive. Explore the rooms in the house, each with it’s own little story and choices to be made that could injure your character.
Survive all four rooms and the final room to escape the house and win. I love story based games and this one looks like it delivers big in that department. It is similar to Betrayal, which I love but seems to put more emphasis on story which I also love. Having your character slowly lose and injure limbs also adds a nice on theme aspect to the game. It is my top choice for games on Kickstarter right now.
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